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ACTION ALERT: Tell Annie’s to say NO to homophobia!

Buju Banton, a raggae artist known for his vehemently anti-gay lyrics (such as “dropping acid on gay men” and shooting gays in the head with a submachine gun) is scheduled to perform at Annie’s in Cincinnati on October 2nd. Despite venues across the country canceling Banton’s shows due to his hateful lyrics, Annie’s is still offering Banton a venue to invoke his hateful message in our city.

We can’t let Annie’s, or anyone in Cincinnati, think that this is acceptable. So CALL ANNIE’S TODAY!!

Their business office number is: (513)321-2572

Once you have called, please e-mail and let us know how your call went.

Be sure to call between noon and 5, as those are the only hours someone will be in the office.

KEEP CALLING… Today, tomorrow, and the next day. Together, we can stop the glorification of hate in our own city.

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Kiss-In FAQ’s

Kiss-In FAQ’s

Q: Why is the kiss-in happening?
A: In recent months, there have been several incidents involving the demonization of public affection between same-gender couples. In December of 2008, two women in San Antonio were arrested for “making out” in public. In June, two men were handcuffed and threatened with arrest for merely kissing on the cheek. Just a few weeks ago, two men were detained by security guards of the Mormon Church and subsequently arrested for kissing. We want to send a message that ALL couples have the right to express their love through public displays of affection and kindness. So we are organizing this event, in conjunction with over 50 other kiss-ins across the country, to demonstrate this message of equality.

Q: What if I don’t have anyone to kiss?
A: Don’t worry about it… lots of people are showing up without someone in particular to kiss (including many of the event organizers!). Just come prepared to give and receive the same amount of love and acceptance as everyone else who will be in attendance!

Q: What if I don’t want to kiss someone?
A: It’s completely okay! Just come and display any level of support that you’re comfortable with, whether it be holding your best friend’s hand, giving out a hug (or ten), or even just observing the beautiful displays of queer (and straight) love! Our message is strengthened by the number of supporters that we have in attendance. So even if you aren’t comfortable with public displays of affection, you can still show up to support equality!

Q: What if I’m not queer… how can I be an ally?
A: This event isn’t just for queer people to show their love… it’s a chance to celebrate the equality of ALL love! So if you don’t identify as queer, come out and show your support—kiss your opposite-gender partner, show up alone, or kiss a friend! We welcome anyone who wishes to help spread the message of equality for all loving couples!

Q: Will I be safe?
A: The goal of the National Kiss-In movement is to CREATE safe spaces in which all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are able to express their authentic selves. Though we do unfortunately live in a world that often demeans the queer community, we rest assured that our visibility and strength in numbers will pose no threat to kiss-in participants. Instead, we will effectively deconstruct the homophobic and transphobic mindsets that are used to marginalize queer people. (And as with any event on Fountain Square, there will be sufficient security and surveillance).

Q: What should I bring?
A: Obviously your beautiful self! We want to make sure that Cincinnati can see us celebrating our love, so don’t hesitate to bring anything else that would make us more visible—signs, t-shirts, musical instruments, etc.

Q: How will the kiss-in effect the public’s perception of the queer community?
A: Some people are concerned that the kiss-in would perpetuate the over-sexualized image of the queer community that falsely resonates in our society. However, look around you… every day, you can see couples expressing their love for one another in public without hesitation. For couples that society deems “normal”, this is not seen as a sexual or obscene act. However, due to recent events, it’s become more and more evident that not all couples (especially queer couples) are able to enjoy this simple, basic right.
By joining together on Fountain Square (and across the country as a national movement), we’ll send a clear message that we refuse to be bullied into silencing or hiding our love or affection for each other. By taking a firm and visible stance in over 50 cities across the country, we will further our cause of love, solidarity, and equality for ALL people.

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The Great Nationwide Kiss-In

impact cincinnati and cincinnati guerrilla queer bar are excited to announce that cincinnati’s queer community will be kissing on fountain square– saturday, august 15th @2pm. cincinnati joins nearly 30 other cities across the country where kiss ins will be happening simultaneously on the 15th.

why, you may ask?

far too often, same-gender couples are prohibited from expressing their love in public. in the past few months, same-gender couples in el paso, san antonio, and salt lake city have been harassed or detained by law enforcement officials for merely showing affection to the one they love.

no one should be afraid of expressing their love… and on august 15th, we’ll let our community know that we aren’t!

here is the link to the facebook event where you can confirm your attendance 🙂

and for more info on the national kiss-in movement, check out this facebook group

looking forward to seeing your beautiful queer love on fountain square on august 15!!

yours in the fight,

the impact cincinnati organizers

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Tabby’s Queer Invasion moved to Tuesday, June 2 at 9 p.m.


Due to yesterday’s tornadoes, the event in response to the recent gay hate crime at Tabby’s has been moved to Tuesday June 2 at 9 p.m. Details on the event are included in the post below.

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A gay hate crime recently took place in Warren county at Tabby’s American Grill. For details on this event, please see the following story:

In response to the hatred exhibited by Tabby’s staff, queers and allies will unite tonight at 10 p.m. outside of Tabby’s to show the establishment that we come in peace. So instead of hearing about another tragic crime and thinking, “hm that sucks,” why don’t you actually do something? After all, American Idol is over and we can’t dwell on Adam Lambert’s loss for too long, can we?

Please wear a white shirt/top to represent our unity and that we come in peace. We will all be congregating in the parking lot at 10 p.m. and entering as a large collective. Jaws will drop. It will be priceless, so bring your cameras.

It is a restaurant, so everyone can come you dont have to be 21.

And yes, there’s a bar. Get ready amigos; Tabby’s about to get queered out!

**Also We will be meeting at the Walgreens parking lot at 845 and will be leaving at 915, for people who need rides there. This Walgreens is right beside UC campus, off of jefferson ave. Also if you have a car and would like to help get more queers and allies there, then please bring your car as well to take more people.

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We are fortunate enough to be on the brink of something HUGE in Ohio: our first pro-LGBTQ piece of legislation will soon be making its way through the state legislature, and we have a very good chance of winning it!

The Equal Housing and Employment Act (EHEA) will be reintroduced in the Ohio House of Representatives soon and this is the best chance ever for it to pass. When it passes, this will be the first pro-equality bill for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people ever enacted at the state level in Ohio.

But make no mistake, the EHEA will not pass if we don’t work for it.

So join HUNDREDS pro-equality, fair-minded Ohioans on May 13th at the state capital in Columbus Columbus as we talk to our elected officials about equal rights for ALL Ohioans regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Mothers, fathers, families, clergy members, students – straight and gay, young and old – they took a day off from school or work to come to Columbus for Lobby Day.

REGISTRATION FOR LOBBY DAY CLOSES ON APRIL 30TH! Don’t miss your chance to let our elected officials know that ALL of us deserve equality in our state laws.

Bring your story to the statehouse on May 13th to make a difference. Don’t be late! Register before April 30 to join us on this important day.

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There is clear evidence presented before the Council and the people of Cincinnati that inequities exist in the awarding of city contracts. As members of a minority community, we share the concerns of the NAACP about this major issue. The healthy development of any urban area depends upon a wide variety of viewpoints and expertise in its active creation. Any potential discrimination to silence those views must be considered seriously and thoroughly by officials elected to represent the spectrum of our greater community.

With this in mind, IMPACT Cincinnati applauds and endorses Council members Laketa Cole and Cecil Thomas for their seriousness in grappling with this contentious debate and proposing the creation of a Minority Business Task Force. We encourage dialogue that approaches the problem from all views, whether they are around race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity. Further, IMPACT Cincinnati views the appointment of Rea N. Waldon, Ph.D. of the Urban League to lead the OPEN Cincinnati MBE/SBE Taskforce as a positive step in the creation of truly comprehensive protection for all potential minority contractors in the Greater Cincinnati area.

We will maintain a close watch on the study and results of this committee and will actively promote the enforcement of its guidelines to create a fairer and more transparent Cincinnati. In the words of our own city creed, we are strengthened in our unity. In a gesture of acknowledgement to that fact, we further recognize the major stumbling block that racism is in the LGBTQ community. No minority group can expect equality for itself while perpetuating the oppression of another. In the words of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Whether we are black or white, gay or straight or any mixture of the thousands of spectrums that make us all unique humans, we must support one another in our quest to be fully accepted as ourselves. We therefore are encouraging all members of the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati to join the NAACP on April 8th at 12:30 pm at the Cincinnati City Council meeting to promote awareness of the injustice perpetuated upon another minority group and so that the entire range of discrimination can be fully recognized.

In so doing we ask the local NAACP, as leaders of the African American community, to take a meaningful look at the issue of homophobia and the detrimental effects it has on members of their own community who identify as LGBTQ and respectfully challenge both the African American and LGBTQ communities in Cincinnati to find a way to engage in a meaningful dialogue around the issues that hinder our own mutual acceptance. It is not merely enough for us to acknowledge racism in our own backyard. For true acceptance, both sides must grasp the problems that stand between them and work with good faith to overcome them. Therefore, we are proposing a series of forums to discuss the intersection of racism and homophobia. Only through honest and forthright discussion can we come to a point of acknowledging what we can do to move beyond wounds that have festered for too long.

IMPACT Cincinnati, as a collection of individual grassroots activists from wide-ranging backgrounds, has been founded on the idea, and continues to believe, that the arc of history bends towards justice … but occasionally needs a little nudge. Therefore, we hope and expect that our fellow members of the social justice movement will join us in this comprehensive endeavor to create a greater Cincinnati.

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Emergency Action: Demonstration tomorrow at 5:30 in Clifton!

In response to the recent hate crime against gay students at the University of Cincinnati, the LGBTQ community and allies will be demonstrating at the corner of CALHOUN ST. and CLIFTON AVE. at 5:30 p.m tomorrow, Thursday March 19. This demonstration will progressively move to the intersection of MLK and CLIFTON AVE. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs identifying their sexuality, while a larger sign will speak of the major reason for demonstration.

Impact Cincinnati encourages any person that is available at this time to join. United, we are strong; dived we will fail.

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On January 31, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. in Columbus Ohio, the GLBTQ community as well as friends of the community will unite in front of the State House. Currently, over 500+ people are confirmed with the list of attendees growing larger every day.

Take a stand on January 31 by joining us in Columbus. Save the excuses for something trivial– just do it!


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Light Up The Night — Dec. 20th

We’ve had a few questions about JoinTheImpact’s Light Up the Night event that is occurring this Saturday around the country.  As far as we know, there is no event here in Cincinnati. IMPACTCincinnati held a similar event at the Gathering Church on December 4th, and we want to thank everyone in attendance.

However, that does not mean we are discouraging you from attending the fine events from going on around the country.  To find your closest location, please visit the JoinTheImpact site and find one near you — I know, for example, there is one going on in Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

If you are in Cincinnati, please take a moment to remember what we are fighting for today — and use this opportunity to comment on our blog about why you are fighting with us.

Also, please continue to help us in the WhiteKnot campaign, and don’t forget to join us on the 10th of January at the Statehouse in a rally for Equality!!!! will also be posting pictures from Light Up the Night tomorrow from around the country, so we’ll be sure to link you there!

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