Posted by: impactcincinnati | December 20, 2008

Light Up The Night — Dec. 20th

We’ve had a few questions about JoinTheImpact’s Light Up the Night event that is occurring this Saturday around the country.  As far as we know, there is no event here in Cincinnati. IMPACTCincinnati held a similar event at the Gathering Church on December 4th, and we want to thank everyone in attendance.

However, that does not mean we are discouraging you from attending the fine events from going on around the country.  To find your closest location, please visit the JoinTheImpact site and find one near you — I know, for example, there is one going on in Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

If you are in Cincinnati, please take a moment to remember what we are fighting for today — and use this opportunity to comment on our blog about why you are fighting with us.

Also, please continue to help us in the WhiteKnot campaign, and don’t forget to join us on the 10th of January at the Statehouse in a rally for Equality!!!! will also be posting pictures from Light Up the Night tomorrow from around the country, so we’ll be sure to link you there!


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